Seeking a new self-containment certification? 

Certified self-contained vehicles must meet the new Self containment of motor caravans and caravans standard. 

You'll need to be able to live in your vehicle for three days without getting more water or dumping waste. It must have:

-a fixed toilet-fresh water system -a sink-waste water systemand-a rubbish bin with a lid.

These rules are in place to encourage campers to be responsible for all their own waste, and leave each camping area as they find it.

Already have self-containment certification? 

From 7 June 2025, all vehicles will need to be certified with a green warrant to be certified self-contained under the new requirements.

If your vehicle is already certified self-contained with a blue warrant:• For now, you can still freedom camp even if your vehicle has a portable toilet, as you are already certified as self-contained.• Freedom camping on local authority land is allowed (unless it is specifically prohibited) until your blue warrant expires, or 7 June 2025 (whichever happens sooner).• If you seek certification after 7 June 2024, you are advised to get certified with a green warrant if you want to freedom camp in a self-contained vehicle on most public land (including local authority, Department of Conservation, and LINZ land, but please check each local authority/department for local rules).